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2021 Cisco Webex Cost | Updated Monthly and Annual Pricing

What amount does Cisco Webex cost in 2021? 

The main thing to know is that the expense of Cisco Webex has dropped from $89/client to $29 in the course of the last year, and our sources say that $30/client/month is essentially as far as possible for business buys nowadays. That is a strong arrangement, particularly in the event that you decide to take the Active User way for your first year. You can save a pack over rivalry. 

Cisco WebEx is no joking matter in the joint effort world, however there's still inquiries and vulnerability around how much the amount Cisco WebEx really costs every year. We posted this article with respect to the genuine expense of Cisco WebEx and we've seen it create huge loads of site hits, social offers, and accomplice interest in the course of recent years. 

Be that as it may, this industry is moving quick and a ton has changed, even with WebEx estimating. Here are the best in class updates and changes to the functional expenses of Cisco WebEx as a video conferencing arrangement. 

We'll cover: 

A three section cost breakdown 

New estimating 

Serious item refreshes 

Updates to CMR Integration Costs (It's FREE) 

Updates to Audio types 

Absolute Cisco WebEx Cost Breakdown models 

The Three Costs of Cisco WebEx 

There are three significant segments to Cisco WebEx estimating to know about: 


There are three different ways to structure your authorizing buy: 

Named Users: Use this model to know precisely who will require a video conferencing permit. Ordinarily this is really incredible for more modest organization (<200 clients). 

Dynamic Users: This choice appears to tailor to bigger organizations. By choosing the dynamic client choice, you might be charged for the normal number of clients who have a gathering inside an extended time span. As per Cisco, this is the best spot for another organization to begin with WebEx, in light of the fact that you can pay for just 15% of your all out client base for A YEAR, regardless of whether the greater part your clients become dynamic clients in that time. This is a monstrous reserve funds, and is something that no other merchant other than Cisco can offer. In the subsequent year, Cisco will "valid forward" in light of the normal # of dynamic clients in months 8-9-10 of your agreement. 

Venture License: If over 40% of your clients are "Dynamic" in that they have a gathering one time each month, it bodes well to go to an Enterprise model in light of the fact that the per client cost is lower. Just sync with Active Directory to enable each client to have a WebEx meeting, if they need to utilize it. Provisioning is presently in their grasp rather than yours! 

Star TIP: User licenses midpoints half or less of the all out WebEx costs! 


I bet you thought this was remembered for the client authorizing, isn't that right? Now and again, this is valid. The "sound expenses" that come free are VOIP minutes, AKA when you click "Call with my Computer" after you join a gathering. There are additionally a couple different alternatives, including Toll, Toll Free, and Callback minutes. These have costs related with them, yet you can get them differently. In all cases, global minutes are dependent upon an intricate rate table and furthermore cost the most. There are three hotspots for Audio that you can choose from: 

WebEx Audio: You can purchase these minutes in pieces or you can pay more only as costs arise. This is a buy from Cisco, and can frequently be packaged in with your permitting. 

Cisco Cloud Connected Audio (CCA): This is a somewhat new model, and is particularly alluring to clients utilizing the Enterprise License model above. The expense each moment is extremely low in light of the fact that fundamentally, all traffic becomes VoIP over Cisco's worldwide organization. It's what's to come! 

Outsider: This sound truly relies upon your affiliate/ISP relationship, and can be the most savvy of the pack. You essentially separate your sound from your WebEx permitting and buy from the affiliate organization. It tends to be a blend of customary communication and VoIP traffic too. 


On the off chance that you didn't know, Cisco WebEx meetings are recorded in a restrictive configuration and are thought of "included" capacity that accompanies every client permit (2.5GB). This bodes well generally speaking. In any case, this construction could have negative advantages on the off chance that you extend past your measure of assigned space. Capacity can get expensive assuming you need to approach online courses or gatherings for sometime in the future, and the WebEx design isn't the most productive at pressure. 

How WebEx is Staying Competitive 

It's conspicuous Cisco is focusing available and their opposition. By lessening evaluating they can stay serious against completely coordinated sellers like HighFive, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, HipChat, Fuze, Zoom, etc. However, being a practical arrangement, doesn't mean end-clients will really utilize the innovation. 

To stay aware of the market, WebEx is currently incorporated into the Cisco Spark offering, and authorizing has been significantly additionally rearranged in the event that you buy Spark client licenses. This implies that once you buy a Spark permit to get persevering visit, calling, video, portable, and you get multi-party gatherings (AKA WebEx Meeting Center) tossed in! It's a gigantic arrangement, and Spark is just turning out to be more valuable over the long haul and more combinations are made. Actually, we just added the G Suite calendaring joining with our WebEx Personal Meeting Rooms, and presently every gathering is open through a solitary snap from my versatile or PC. It's the best insight. 

With an end goal to stay aware of new, completely incorporated video conferencing arrangements, Cisco WebEx has dispatched a huge load of new updates. They've restored their look and feel, added heaps of new provisions (that clients love), and have scaled by and large execution. They can serve a boundless measure of clients. 

At long last, on the off chance that you haven't been tuning in, WebEx has been winning a great deal of grants recently. We hail you, Cisco. 

Webex Enterprise Feature Updates 

A few years prior, Cisco dispatched the capacity to join WebEx gatherings by means of video conferencing rooms. From the get go, this was a costly reconciliation. Presently it is free. That is no joking matter. For instance, contenders like Zoom and BlueJeans charge $50/month/space for this capacity. Our normal client has more than 100 rooms that they have gained more than quite a while. Obviously, you actually need to pay to enlist rooms to a Cisco framework like UC Manager, yet that is an alternate story for an alternate day. 

Presently, for the refreshed mathematical investigation you came for! 

Cisco WebEx cost breakdown and equation for number of representatives, webex use, use design, worldwide impression, telephone administration 

*Note: I am not going speculation the volume markdown for Cisco (reach them straightforwardly), so I've incorporated the full rundown cost previously. It's very possible you'll be charged less. 


Alright, suppose you have 5,000 workers, and you need sufficient host licenses with the goal that you don't run out during occupied days. We realize that, neglecting to have a gathering because of absence of specialized assets is more awful for your business than putting in a couple of additional dollars each month. Along these lines, my recommendation (and your salesman's recommendation) ought to be to go with an Active User model. Your beginning cost will be 15% of 5000, or 750 clients at a maximum of $30/month. 

Thus, 750 x $30 = $22,500/month permitting 


(By and large), implies you have 5000 x 1 hour out of each day x 5 days x a month, that implies you'll require 100,000 hours of sound each month. This implies you'll require 6,000,000 minutes out of every month for inner as it were. 

Presently, how about we simply say, half of those sound minutes are utilized for outer lines (non-VoIP). Moreover, there is 1 client on each and every hour of gatherings. This implies you'll be charged for their assemble on schedule to your conferences. 

In this way, 3,000,000 (non-VoIP inside) + 3,000,000 (client non-VoIP) x .02 = $120,000 each month in sound expenses 

Capacity COSTS: 

Presently, we realize each WebEx account accompanies some recording capacities, however you are likewise charged for capacity (except if you have an interior media stockpiling arrangement). This data is marginally harder to get, however we dove in here for you. 

On the off chance that WebEx $7.20/GB, and we had the option to track down that 50GB is least all out for network-based recording. 

Knowing this present, suppose your clients don't record regularly. For the wellbeing of number lets say, 1/100 WebEx hours are being recorded at your organization. That compares to 1000 hours, which is around 250 GB of capacity for video. To keep it basic, we should zero in on a one year time frame. This leaves us with 250GB x 12/mo. 

That last condition would be, $7.20 x 250 x 12 = $21,600 away expenses each month 

Absolute Cisco WebEx Cost Breakdown 

Along these lines, to bring everything together, here is our expense breakdown for Cisco WebEx: 

Authorizing: $22,500 

Sound: $120,000 

Capacity: $21,600 

The all out WebEx cost of $144,100/mo. or then again $1,729,200/year. 

Obviously, you'll need to recollect that there are huge volume limits. Furthermore, all past arrangements ought to be considered. In any case, it's a huge venture to your business and you'll need to guarantee you're spending this speculation astutely. 

As a feature of our reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vyopta is as of now offering a free preliminary to help IT groups screen Cisco Webex and different stages like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and more just as help an enormous extension in far off work.

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